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Automation Labs Facebook | automation labs, facebook automation , automation lab, automation lab facebook, facebook automation labs Recently I’ve seen many of my FarmVille neighbors posting Facebook status updates warning of the fake FarmVille Facebook groups. The status updates read something like this:
“FROM ZYNGA: The makers of Facebook/Farmville issued a statement that all the “bargains” that are being offered regarding free fuel, free hen houses, free stables, etc. are NOT coming from them. They are all a scam by people who may use the information to access your accounts PLEASE CAN EVERYONE COPY AND PASTE THIS.”

Although it is unlikely that the above is an official statement made by Zynga, Zynga has addressed this issue in the past. (See below). Basically these Groups promise to send you special items upon joining their group and of course you never receive your Villa, extra farm cash or Gray Horse.

All of these groups are a waste of time and fruitless because they are nothing more than a scam. When a free Villa sounds too good to be true, especially if you don’t meet the level requirement, then it probably is. If you are still in doubt, think about how this would work. How and why would a group page actually send you an official Zynga item or farm cash?

Do not join these fake groups and do not invite your friends to join them.

If you are interested in reading Zynga’s official response to these fake FarmVille Gifting Groups read below.

“Unauthorized Farmville Applications and Groups

Please be aware that there are many unauthorized user-generated applications and groups circulating on Facebook that claim to offer FarmVille Gifts, Items, or Farm Cash.

Here are a few non-Zynga applications and groups:

  • “FarmVille Cash Sender”
  • “Join Now and Win a Villa, 1 Million Coins, and 1000 FV Cash! Official Method”
  • “FarmVille Join this Group and Get 75 FarmVille Cash”
  • “FarmVille Gifts”

These applications and groups are NOT authorized by Zynga and are NOT affiliated or associated with FarmVille. Gifts, Items, or Farm Cash ‘rewards’ from these types of applications and groups will not be displayed as they are not associated with our game.

Please remember that the only way to collect Gifts and Items is through standard FarmVille game play. Please click here to read how to purchase Zynga Virtual Currency:

If you wish to report an unofficial application or group that is using the name FarmVille, please write to Customer Support and provide the link to the user-generated application or group. We will be happy to investigate.”

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