Celebrity Doppelgangers, Celebrity Doppelgangers Generator

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Celebrity Doppelgangers Generator

Here is a Celebrity Doppelgangers Generator for Doppelgänger Facebook week. This Celebrity Doppelgangers Generator is the same celebrity look a like generator LALATE profiled in 2009.

Ironically that story (from March 2009) last week started a resurgence on LALATE. Tonight it’s taking it up a notch moreso with the spread of “Doppelgänger week on Facebook” in which you switch your Facebook profile picture with that of celebrity you look like.

How does a Celebrity Doppelgangers Generator (or Celebrity Look a Like Generator) work? It’s an online application using computer generated image comparision.

The generator compares an uploaded picture of yours against other celebrities in its database.

So, if you are wondering if you look more like Martin Sheen or Paris Hilton, you simply choose a photo from your hard drive, upload it into your account on the site. The site then shoots out its conclusion, generating celebrities that you share facial features with.

And yes, were are talking facial features. So if, by chance, you and Pam Anderson bare similarities in one department, or Kim Kardasahian and you look similar when walking bye, that won’t be part of the generator’s analysis.

The site uses face recognition technology. And best of all, it’s completely free.

Visit online here: http://www.myheritage.com/face-recognition