Ciara twitter | Ciara twitter hacks, bow wow twitter, ciara, michelle williams

Ciara twitter | Ciara twitter hacks, bow wow twitter, ciara, michelle williams. rihanna twitter, bow wow twitter, ciara, michelle williams, destiny s child.Once again Ciara twitter page has been hacked!!! The first clue was the picture of her and bow wow aka Shad Moss, as her profile picture. The tweets came through saying:
Now for me, I knew right away that her account had to be hacked because Ciara is not OPEN like that about her relationships. You would never know who she is dating unless that person says something. Ciara's response to what happened was this:
@ciara: Hey everyone, i am sooo sorry for any confusion if any. it was very immature for someone to hack my account! i am hoping that everything..will be fine now.

After seeing this happen AGAIN, this question arose: Why is it so hard for "fans" to truly get pass their favorite celebrity breaking up with someone? Bow and Ciara have been broken up for over 4yrs now (
Bow & Ciara BreakUp) and yet someone takes the time to "hack" her page, and feels the need to put up a picture of her and Bow, and then insinuate that they are back together. I'm sure that this was "embarrassing" for Ciara just because who wants something like that to happen concerning their EX?

Now I must state that I quietly pray that one day Bow, oh excuse me Shad Moss would truly emerge and stop saying "I'm a 22yr. old man, doing what 22yr. olds do"...time out for that Bow. I need you to morph into Shad asap, before you keep losing great women in your life. Hey we all have our favorite "celeb" couples, mine are Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson (ok it's hard for me to believe it's truly over, ie the tatoo, that big KOOL AID smile Janet got when anyone brings up his and my
die hardprayer, Usher and Chilli! Yea I said it. I have never seen two people with so much chemistry, and look as if they just fit together than Usher anad Chilli. In lieu of the rumors floating around, I may be getting this prayer answered. But you never know what to Yet I would NEVER attempt to hack someone's page to "speak" my peace. That's just crazy!!!

Even though we all know that Ciara is the "daughter" that Bow's mom never had. Not to mention that Bow won't let us forget, by speaking of Ciara indirectly on his
GREENLIGHT MIXTAPE..."You loved the way a n**** made you laugh, and to my momma you the daughter that she never had" On My Mind. Now we know he talking bout Ciara mainly because in several interviews since the breakup he let's people know that Ciara and his mom are still good friends, and they hang out.

So do who your favorite celeb "date" affect whether or not you will buy their album? Will it "change" the way you see them? Is it really necessary for a celeb to "lie" and say they are single, when they not, in order to somehow please their fans (who have 1 in a zillion chance of getting with them anyway), or to not make the record company nervous, cause they are trying to appeal to a certain audience? Holla at me people.