Dara Torres | dara torres playboy

Dara Torres | dara torres playboy
A Dara Torres Body
Dara Torres is the queen when it comes to an amazing swimmers body. Some people have a false impression that swimming can't be an intense, quality calorie burn workout. Quite the contrary! Hitting the pool a few times a week helps give killer definition to your upper and lower body.

If you've ever had issues with your knees or back, you know that running on a consistant basis can sometimes be taxing on your joints. Swimming keeps your heart rate up, builds endurance and strenght, and gives you a whole new challenge to add to your bucket of tricks.
Swimming burns calories at a rate of about 3 calories per mile per lbs of body weight. So if you're a 150lb woman, and it takes you 30 minutes to swim one mile, you will be burning about 900 calories in an hour! Wowza! To maximize a pool workout, try incorporating 20-30 minutes of strength training before or after your dip to rev up that metabolism and get your muscles pumpin'.
Torres typically does a 2 hour, 4,800-meter swim workout five times a week under the direction of her Olympic team coach. Best Life took the key elements of her workout and modified them for this 2,000-meter, 40 minute burner that's designed to build speed, stamina and total body strength.

Dara Torres's swimming workout

Once Torres is through with the pool and back at the gym, she focuses on strength and conditioning using Bosu balls to strengthen stabilizing muscles throughout her body.