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erin ludwig tucker max, erin kristine ludwig, ian ziering, ian ziering engaged, nikki schieler PHOTO? Ian Ziering and Erin Ludwig are engaged! The Ian Ziering Erin Ludwig wedding is just a few weeks away confirms Ian.

As broke yesterday on LALATE, Ian announced his engagement to Erin Ludwig on Facebook (prompting a quick hunt online for pics).

Ian last married to Nikki Schieler Ziering from 1997 to 2002. But this week, the 90210 star updated his Facebook status to engaged and told PEOPLE that the lucky girl is Erin Kristine Ludwig.


No picture of Erin was released with the announcement nor online.
Ian and Erin have dated since summer 2009. Ziering, 45, says he plan to wed this Spring.

Congrats to Erin and Ian!