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After visiting the ever popular Howard Stern radio show, Heidi Baron is the most popular thing on the internet Thursday February 4 2010.

Glamour model Heidi Baron rocked up to the most popular searched term on Google.com in the morming hours today, after her rocking appearence on Howard Stern.

Reports said Heidi Baron had a ball on the show. Heidi Baron was on the Sirus Satellite radio show today because she graces the front cover of the March 2010 issue of a US based mens magazine.

The German born model, Heidi Baron describes herself as "sexy, tall, fun, outgoing, loving, and drama-free. What's not to love? The dynamic dental hygienist can work us over any day of the week."

The 21-year-old, Heidi Baron is also known by the names Jodie Starr and Belinda Bryant. Heidi Baron is most defenatley one of the hottest glamour models in the US and Europe right now and we're sure to see plenty more of her.

The glamour blond, Heidi Baron pictures

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