iPhone 3G 8 GB Still for sale

The entry 3GS iPhone, Apple's latest smartphone, officially to Indonesia not mean the previous version no longer in circulation. Telkomsel as the exclusive sales partner to sell the iPhone 3G still the previous version.

"iPhone 3G still sold, but the 8 GB 16 GB is no longer," said Arief Pradetya, Data Manager, Broadband, and Convergence Devices Management SingTel press conference at the launch of the iPhone 3GS in Jakarta, Friday (19/2/2010). He said that as an option for customers.

This is because the iPhone is available 3GS also in the 16 GB model, in addition to the 32 GB.Thus, currently there are three options available iPhone models, each with 8 GB iPhone 3G, iPhone 16 GB 3GS, and 16 GB iPhone 3GS.

With the presence 3GS iPhone, 3G iPhone price drop to 8 GB of USD 5.9 million for the purchase of cash or USD $ 620,000 with a contract for a year subscription for a monthly fee Rp 570,000. When launched in March 2009 and then, iPhone 3G 8 GB sold 9 million USD in cash-an.

Arief said, it is not impossible with falling prices 8 GB iPhone 3G sales actually rose. Despite losing most of its features with the iPhone 3GS, the old version capable enough to run various multimedia applications.