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jonathan antin | shear genius host, shear genius. Jonathan Antin Joins 'Shear Genius' Season Three

February 04, 2010 02:25 AM EST (Updated: February 04, 2010 02:45 AM EST)
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Remember Jonathan Antin, hair stylist to the stars and diva-like star of 'Blow Out' on Bravo? It's okay if you don't. But for those who do, you can now find comfort in season three of Bravo's hair styling competition 'Shear Genius'!

Antin is one of a number of new faces popping up this season, including Camilla Alves, international model and handbag designer, who takes over hosting duties from former Charlies Angel Jaclyn Smith. Hair expert Orlando Pita also joins the cast, taking over for Rene Fris as mentor.

If you ever watched 'Blow Out', you'll remember how appropriate the title turned out to be. Antin was as entitled and delusional a reality star as there's ever been, albeit legitimately talented in his field (which is more than most celebreality stars these days can claim). Funny thing is, he at least seems self aware.

"Bravo actually came to me and asked if I wanted to do 'Shear Genius 1,' but I was kind of high and mighty after 'Blow Out,' and I didn't want to do a show with anyone else," Antin told Zap2It. "I mean, that happens to the best of us. But I have worked with Bravo on a lot of other stuff, and when they came to me this time, I said, 'Yes, I do want to do it.'"

One gets the feeling it had more to do with 'Blow Out' never resurfacing for another season. Either way, welcome Jonathan Antin back to television in 'Shear Genius,' every Wednesday on Bravo