lori gottlieb | lori gottlieb Book Out Feb 4

lori gottlieb | lori gottlieb Book Out Feb 4.In her Atlantic essay, Marry Him, Lori Gottlieb suggested women should give up on the search for their ideal perfect man, and instead settle for Mr. Good Enough. That raised a worldwide ruckus, with countless articles and discussions on TV, blogs, radio, newspapers, magazines.

Her new book, Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough (due in stores February 4, 2010, and available for presale now), takes things even further with an in-depth look at which factors really matter in choosing which Mr. Good Enough is, well, good enough.

But wait! You’re holding out for Mr. Right! Fine, but do you really expect some guy who’s a 10 to come galloping along? Or is an 8 good enough? And if so, which good enough 8 is right for you?

Lori’s book answers the questions: What does healthy compromise look like? How good is good enough? What will you value ten years down the road? Dad’s House took a look at the latter topic after my Turandot opera date spurred women to ask why I’m still single. Seems some single women look for different qualities than married women value in a man. And that’s part of Lori Gottlieb’s point.

For her book, Lori Gottlieb turned to experts: marital researchers, matchmakers, scientists, sociologists, divorce attorneys. And she applied their advice to her own dating life. As a human dating guinea pig, she put it all to the test. The book takes an often funny, sometimes embarrassing, serious and revealing look at Lori’s dating life. Was she successful in finding the right Mr. Good Enough for her? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

In her research, Lori Gottlieb found that women are pickier than men when looking for a mate. While men tend to look for a woman who is cute, warm, nice, fun, whatever – women have long lists with very specific details: tall, but not too tall; successful, but not a workaholic; blogs, but isn’t obsessed by blog stats; etc. (Is there a Mr. Good Enough Blogger in the house?)

With the help of experts, Lori Gottlieb hones in on what factors are most important for long-lasting relationships. The book seems a must-read for any single parent wanting to land a partner again, and for single women, whether older and ready to land a man now, or younger and not wanting to make the same delay-marriage-while-looking-for-Mr.-Perfect mistake that Gottlieb made. The book will help women consider their real requirements for a partner.

Marry Him is getting rave reviews from the likes of Juno director Diablo Cody, who says:

“What Lori Gottlieb is saying isn’t subversive – it’s smart. A thoroughly entertaining reality check, it will make single women laugh and squirm, and married people appreciate their spouses even more.”

Lori Gottlieb will appear on the Today show February 4, 2010 to talk about her book. The book will be discussed by the likes ofTime, NPR, Oprah’s magazine, the Washington Post, Newsweek. (And DadsHouseBlog.com!)

Oh, and Marry Him was optioned for film by Spider-Man himself (Toby Maguire’s production company.) How cool is that?

As a single dad, I’ll be reading Lori Gottlieb’s book to learn which of my Mr. Perfect qualities are good enough for some of you women out there. (Haha. Just kidding. Though I will be reading the book.) I can’t wait for the book’s February 4 release.

Marry Him seems a great way for any single woman to gear up for Valentine’s day. Rather than spinning your wheels with unrealistic notions of romance that lead to bad dating choices, read the book and learn how to find a good enough man who is right for you.

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