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Manhatan | Manhatan macys new york, new york state, manhattan bridge. macys new york, new york state, manhattan bridge, raul padron, manhattan project.I do not normally address “political” issues on this blog. When, however, politics spills over into ethical issues that have moral and spiritual implications for our entire society, it is time for Christian people to speak out.

This is the sentiment driving “The Manhattan Declaration.” The first draft of this declaration was presented to a group of Evangelical Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox people at a meeting in Manhattan in late September 2009. Originally drafted by Chuck Colson, Robert George, and Timothy George, the document was revised after the September meeting with input from many individuals and released for public distribution November 20, 2009.

The document expresses biblical truths concerning three areas where political action impinges on ethical and moral issues: protection of the life of the most weak and vulnerable among us, preservation of the institution of marriage in the face of the myriad of threats against it in our culture and laws, and maintaining freedom of conscience for all.

You can read the full 8-page document here or a 2-page summary here. That website gives extensive information about what the declaration does and does not do. Among the things it does not do is imply endorsement of anything that is not expressly stated in the declaration. There is an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) as well as background resource materials on the issues discussed.

The final paragraphs of the declaration discuss the long history of “civil disobedience” to unjust demands of governments that dates back to Acts 4:29. The declaration closes with a promise that the signers will render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, but will refuse to render to Caesar that which is God’s.

All who agree are invited to join by “signing” the declaration at the website maintained by the ad hoc committee that drafted the declaration. I signed it gladly on December 20, just one month after the release of the document to the public. At that time, there were over 304,000 signers with the number growing rapidly.

Let me encourage you to look at it and, if you agree, sign it.