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Montgomery College

Board of trustees of Montgomery College has called the applications from students of Montgomery College, willing to join the Board of Trustees for one year tenure service. The recommending committee of Board of Trustees for Montgomery College is accommodating the applications for one year service on the Board of Trustees of Montgomery College; the service tenure will be starting from 1st July 2010.

Montgomery College is serving around 60,000 students annually, having noncredit and credited study and programs in more than 100 different areas. The Board of Trustees has also responsible as the Governing body for Montgomery College that opened community college, having campuses in Germantown, Rockville, Tokama Park, Silver Spring. Montgomery College also offers continuous educational programs and employees development courses having centers all around Montgomery County.

As per requirement of the trustee position, the students who are willing to join must have completed their 18 credit hours at Montgomery College successfully and must have achieved the average GPA of minimum 2.0. Staff of the Montgomery College is not allowed to apply for the trustee position and it is necessary for the students who want to joint trustee position to remain the resident of Montgomery College till the period of service.

An orientation session has been planned for the applicants before interview by the nominating committee. The student who is willing to work without any time limitation would be considered for the trustee position. The student will be recommended by the five person committee and hired by the Governor of Montgomery College.Montgomery College