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New Facebook layout | Dowload New Facebook Layout 2010 . new facebook layout 2010, facebook layout, new facebook, old facebook layout, new facebook 2010 Some people have had early access to the new Facebook layout, and a number of important changes have been made to the user interface of the world’s largest social network.

One of the biggest updates to the blue and white monster is that the search box, which you can use to search for your friends or through notes, fan pages and contacts, has taken a trip from the top right of the screen to a more prominent position on the left hand side – making navigation easier and the ability to find what you’re looking for quickly improved.

New Facebook layout

Another large change in this Facebook layout update is that the list of friends online is no immediately visible, without having to click in the bottom right ‘chat bar’. This means that we will soon be able to see everyone who is online instantly, and start chatting with them right away. This could mean that Facebook chat, the software for communicating live with your colleagues, could get another boost.

Facebook seems to be attempting to once again adapt its user interface to the new ways in which people are using it. The last time the news broke that a new Facebook layout was hitting the internet, people were up-in-arms at the changes, with thousands joining groups requesting a return to the old ways.

These overstated reactions to change are expected in a site with so many loyal users, and a spokesman for Facebook said that some ’subtle changes’ will be rolled out over night on Thursday.