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Rovers Morning Glory | rovers morning glory duji | wmms duji, rovers morning glory duji, wmms, rover radio Radio is the history of technology, and is the first invention in media –technology but is as common and popular today as it was in its earlier days. Rover’s Morning Glory is an organized and syndicated radio talk program. This talk program is hosted by 30 years old Shane “Rover” French. Rover’s Morning Glory is a live broadcast airs from 6 AM to 11 AM, on Monday through Friday.
Rover’s Morning Glory is distributed and broadcasted by Clear Channel Communications. It’s a combination of conversation and discussion on pop culture and existing or recent events about showbiz and about celebrities, in addition to community interpretation targeted at a male spectator. Current this program is broadcasted from Cleveland, Ohio on 100.7 WMMS.
He was first aired on September 21, 1996, his 21st birthday. Now the program “Rover’s Morning Glory” along with its host Shane Rover French is widely liked and listened throughout the region. According to Rovers statement, he was not serious about this job on radio and had made a fake resume about his prior experience. He didn’t have the idea that this radio program would become the only reason of his fame.
Rover is commonly assumed to be the most composed and balanced of the group, and often try to speak about common and heavier topics such as politics and war into the show. Another interesting thing is that at the end of the show a question is asked about something that occurred or was said by host or some guest, during the broadcast of that day. A gift is given to the caller whose call comes first with the correct answer for that question. This is an interesting and famous radio program.