too young to kill | E!’s “Too Young to Kill”

too young to kill. Looks like my bread brand of choice, Nature’s Own has jumped on the 100 calorie sandwich thin bandwagon! What is this, like the fourth brand?

Anyways, I had to try ‘em for dinner tonight.


Provolone, Boca, spinach, ketchup, mustard

Well, Nature’s Own has gotten them right for sure! These are great! Possibly even better than their predecessors? Seriously, you can smell the carby goodness through the package!

DSC_0549 DSC_0546

I’m planning on a little nighttime snack later on while vegging out watching E!’s “Too Young to Kill” special. I’m a sucker for those E! specials.

What are you watching on TV tonight? Or are you doing productive things?