True Grit | true grit casting, true grit remake

True Grit | true grit casting, true grit remakeTrue Grit!
by vic2rea

Say what you will about Miggy, but in my eyes, that woman is driven. And in case anyone missed it, she cried, real tears - so much for never showing emotion. I can not imagine the pain she overcame to work out the way she did and walk as much as she following surgery. We're talking about a woman who had her appendix removed along with a cyst and a mass and a day later walked 14 miles! Even Dr H was impressed, albeit a little cautious about how active she was. Most of us feel too weak to walk that far after a bout with the flu, let alone surgery.

Once again, Melissa almost broke her wrist patting herself on the back for her 5 pound weight loss, then went in to her expected: I'm disappointed in Lance routine! Is she ever proud of Lance? It just aggravates me that when she gained a pound, then lost only one the next week, Lance didn't voice disappointment in her - au contraire, he defended her! Note to Melissa: Maybe, just maybe, he just hit a plateau... like the one you want us to believe you hit a couple of weeks ago. How about standing by your man for a change! He went nose to nose with Bob and Jillian to defend your ethics and integrity when they so rightly questioned you.

Impressive results from both the Blue and Yellow Teams! They have certainly shown that it can be done at home with some jaw-dropping results. I must say that Cherita was a very good sport about not getting back on the ranch. I hope she and her daughter can really wow us on finale night. Anyone else willing to bet that O'Neal and Sunshine are very happy they didn't have to use that "prize" of the sole elimination vote, which would have done nothing more than paint a huge target on their backs.

Loved the challenge, well, Michael's quips about having an 80's mix running in his head to keep his rhythm. Just the look on Melissa's face when Michael came out of nowhere and passed Lance, then Sam was priceless! Mike sure looked like he was gently pushing a small child on a swing on a nice spring morning. I was so happy so see him dig deeper and pull out a win... kinda like proving himself to all the others. Nice touch beating the Gray Team who said he wasn't trying hard enough. That certainly give credence to the old saying, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

Stephanie. Wow! Did you see her conducting herself like a personal trainer while Jillian was busy with Daris and Ashley and Bob was busy with Melissa? She was so inspiring! What a sweetheart she is turning out to be. She's definitely growing on me.

Sorry to see John go home, but happy he showed a good sense of humor by saying he would just go home and beat up James. I really thought he would drop some huge numbers having moved from workouts in the pool to workouts in the gym. Personally, I wanted to see Melissa squirm a bit longer.... then get sent home. We were so close to saying goodbye to her. I'm dying to see if Lance can do anything without her! So close, but not to be this week, oh well, there's always next week.

Can't help but say I was a little disappointed that there was not more Super Bowl hype on the show, but I'm guessing that is because NBC is not carrying the game this year. I was hoping to see some football guest stars and a guest chef with Super Bowl munchie recipes. But that OK, we can go the NBC's website and find last years recipes. Chef Curtis Stone's recipes for the turkey and vegetable chili, seven layer dip, and the rosemary skewered chicken are still there for the taking! Speaking of the Super Bowl... go Saints, bring it home for the NFC (sorry, had to get that in there)!

Danny Cahill, winner of Biggest Loser Season 8, who went from 430 to 191 pounds, will be appearing on The Doctors, Friday, February 5, 2010 (check you local listings). According to Danny, "Everyone wants to know, 'What did you do with all the skin?' It's still there!" From watching the previews, looks like Danny may be offered and breast reduction and tummy tuck!

Next week: The contestants head to the United States Olympics Training Center in Colorado where they will eat, sleep and train alongside the best. Our contestants will be trained by Olympic skiers and the show will feature a biathlon challenge. While at the Olympic Training Facility, the contestants will learn that the game is going from teams to singles. Join us Tuesday, February 9, for another episode of Biggest Loser Couples III only on NBC, Tuesday's at 8/7c.