LIVE stream Liverpool vs Chelsea 2.5.2010 - watch Liverpool vs Chelsea

Liverpool still slumped in the seventh position of the standings with 62 points, or lose five points from Tottenham Hotspur in fourth place. With two games remaining, finishing almost impossible for Liverpool in the Champions League zone. However, they still will do everything to keep their heads straight in the face Chelsea at Anfield on Sunday (05/02/2010). The problem is, whether they have sufficient physical and logistical ambition to fight for it?

On paper, under the Liverpool Chelsea. Material about the players, for example, while Chelsea will be performing with the best squad, except for Jose Bosingwa and Ricardo Carvalho, Liverpool striker who had not even one hundred per cent, harmless, except for Dirk Kuyt and Dani Pacheco.

Liverpool's problem increases, because the fitness level of Kuyt, and the other major player is probably not a hundred percent, because it is depleted during play against Atletico Madrid, on the Europa League semi-final second leg on Thursday (04/29/2010). Compare with Chelsea who truly enjoy the time empty, after silencing Stoke City 7-0, end of last week.

Problem motivation, the same as Liverpool, Chelsea have everything to lose in the match at Anfield later. You see, despite sitting on top of the standings. Chelsea only got 80 points or a point just ahead of Manchester United in second place.

Given the two camps together and leaving a two-game playing MU, against Sunderland, after Chelsea's victory over Liverpool would take them four points ahead of Manchester United and it is not impossible, Chelsea could be clinched this season, at Anfield.

However, according to MU coach, Alex Ferguson, Liverpool remains a great team that always had the potential to win over anyone and in any circumstance, let alone they would play at Anfield. Liverpudlian could be very decisive support to make Chelsea, already burdened with the obligation to win and be haunted by the MU, the more depressed and nervous.

Who is going to stand with his head held high when the referee's whistle sounded long? Check out the seconds game on both sides of the ball channel or click the LIVE Commentary, Sunday (05/02/2010), at 19:30 pm.