Mayweather Wins Absolute top Jr. Mosley

Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Shane Mosley in the Welter-class 12-round bout at the MGM Grand Hotel Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Saturday (1/5/10) night or Sunday (2/5/10) morning hrs. Although not succeed in realizing sesumbarnya to frustrate Mosley by KO, but the 33-year-old boxer was featured impressive so tuiga judges gave the victory to the value of 119-109, 119-109 and 118-110.

This victory makes the road to face Manny Pacquiao Mayweather more spacious. The reason is, the duel against Mosley was identified only as the party of "entertainer" to fight Pacquiao which was so incarannya - both have had time to duel but failed to be realized because terancang Pacquiao reject the desired doping test system Mayweather camp.

With this result, Mayweather who last competed in September 2009, after retiring 21 months, while defeating Juan Manuel Marquez, extending the record does not terkalahkannya. From 41 times to play, he always wins and 25 wins by KO. As for Mosley, whose last match when defeating Antonio Margarito in January 2009, these results make his record to 46 wins, 39 of them knockouts, and six defeats.

Although less favored, Mosley had a surprise in the first two rounds. When the first bell rang, both fighters did choose to play "safe" despite kerab releasing deadly hook. In fact, Mosley had slipped and fallen, but did not get a count because the referee judged not Mayweather punches.

But in the second round, Mosley made thousands of spectators who packed the MGM Grand Hotel hysterical look at the action. 38-year-old boxer was immediately taken the initiative to attack, so Mayweather throe. While trying to escape, but Mayweather was unable to stem the Mosley punch combinations, including a left hook that landed squarely on his face.

Artas feel on the wind, Mosley continued to demolish Mayweather apparently did not expect such a fast attack. Blows insistently, whether straight or hook Mosley, making Mayweather had staggered and bounced into the ring. Lucky, Mayweather has collected six world titles in five different classes, managed to escape from the stresses that he survived the disaster in the second round.

Entering the third round, Mayweather change the fighting style. This time, a former winner of Ring Magazine 1998 Fighter of the Year and in 2007 it appears more aggressive so that more land a punch to the face of Mosley. Mayweather also play more carefully, including avoidance coupled release jurusnya jab or straight, which makes Mosley did not freely enter such a blow on the first and second rounds.

Mayweather continued aggressiveness in the fourth round. Boxer five years younger than Mosley was not giving a "wind" to his opponent, and he kept off an attack by Mosley

first release in straight jab and hard right. This situation continued until round 11, so Mayweather absolute winner in the last nine rounds.

In the round of 12 which is the last round, the duel lasted fun as going back stroke penalty. However, Mayweather has the speed in hitting and dodging, more dominated by a combination of his jab and hook landed squarely in the face of Mosley, the former title-winning WBA super Welter class champions. The duel came to an end with no one kissed the canvas.