Pennant Want Permanent Status In Stoke

Winger Jermaine Pennant official as a player contracted to Stoke City on loan from Real Zaragoza over the next six months. However, the player's desire to want to move permanently.

Information was submitted by the Stoke chairman Peter Coates. According to him, Pennant has submitted a desire to survive much longer in England.

Competitions Premier League is not a new thing for Pennant. He has been defending Liverpool and Arsenal. And, now he hopes to continue to feel intense competition there.

"I really miss the Premier League," says Pennant told Sky Sports.

"I also miss team meetings conditions here."

"Premier League is one of the best leagues. I already know the league very well here. Come back here is not new. But, obviously, I wanted to continue to offer the best abilities here. Let us wait for what will happen in January .