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Naruto 419: Diecide21 (Transcendent God Rock)

うろたえる愛染 今度は一護がなんで自分から距離を取った?と聞き返す。

Aizen gets flustered. This time Ichigo asks why he’s putting distance between them.


“‘Don’t think so highly of yourself, human!” rages, Aizen.


The 3rd eye-like thing on Aizen evolves.


The face isn’t like Aizen’s. His sword is fused with his right hand. Three holes open vertically, the top one has the hougyoku in the center.


The wings portion thickens slightly, and the top edges of the wings have these things that look like hollow masks.

“So, you won’t permit me to lose to a human?” Aizen asks the hougyoku.

The mouths on the hollow masks fire what appear to be ceros. They cause a massive explosion.

Ichigo emerges from the explosion, protecting himself with his left hand. Aizen says Ichigo has nothing else to use.

He charges Ichigo and grabs his neck. All the hollow masks open their mouths to prepare to fire ceros(?) at Ichigo.

As he holds onto Ichigo he says, “It’s not worth capturing you to understand you as you are now. Kurosaki Ichigo, by killing you


the separation of inferior beings called shinigami and hollow is finished!”

“Who cares if it’s finished?” Ichigo glares at Aizen and repels the hand grabbing hiim.

Your theories are boring. I’ll show you the final Getsuga Tenshou!” Until next chapter.

It’s finally invoked! The final Getsuga Tenshou puts an end to the long battle…!!


I forgot. The spine picture is Zaelopolo

The name of the guest character in the move is Kokutou.

He committed crimes for his younger sister when he was alive and was sent to Hell.

He hates a band of criminals lead by someone named Akihasu (or something like that). He frees Karin from their grasp.

And so he goes with Hell to fight along with ichigo.

His voice actor.

Akihasu shoots fire a fire lance and wields a crimson lotus sword. He launches a scheme to use a secret ability on Ichigo.

His voice actor.


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