Trezeguet Forever Juventini

Former Juventus striker who is now defending Hercules, David Trezeguet (32), states will always be a Juventini, though no longer costumed "I Bianconeri."

Trezeguet Juventus defended in the period 2000-2010. Late last season, he decided to leave the club promotion to the Primera Division, Hercules because they still want to perform regular, it can not be promised Juventus coach, Luigi Del Neri told him.

Trezeguet admitted the policy was not disappointed with Del Neri, because that's best for Juventus. For him, the important thing is to Juventus could rise up and reclaim from the hands of Inter Milan's scudetto.

"I will always be a supporter of Juventus. On the day of the scudetto Juventus, Turin and I'm going to ask the Agnelli family (owners of Juventus) to prepare a costume with three stars and I'll be the first to wear it," said Trezeguet.

"Two degrees (taken Inter) from us is injustice sensational. I think so. Those who love Juventus think begiru. I'm sure, a number of Inter players who never talk to me also think so,"

"Look at our travel seasons it. Look and see our goals. There is no trick. The only trick is that we are strongest,"

"Juventus last generation started again from scratch. This is a strong decision. You need the strength to tell the Juventus supporters to wait a while before returning to the team who are ready to beat anybody,"

"Scudetto currently in the hands of Inter and Milan, but let's look back to Juve. It is a beautiful thing to see Andrea Agnelli sat in the presidential chair. Andrea had to create magic with young players," he explained.

At the end of the 2005-2006 season as an end to Serie A champions. However, the title was revoked because the court decided Juventus guilty in the case of setting the score and the season's scudetto given to Juventus.

In addition to losing the title, Juventus relegated to Serie B and lose a lot of top players.With loyal players, including Trezeguet, Juventus promotion to Serie A at the end of the 2006-2007 season. However, since then, they have not been able to shake the dominance of Inter.

That way, the acquisition scudetto Juventus still stuck at number 27. They need three scudetti again to get a third star.