Being this the Toyota Prius MPV?

After appearing on billboards sheepishly was displayed on the highway, now form MPV Toyota Prius revealed already.

MPV Prius photo leaked on the internet after appearing on the forums Autopareri. But not explained whether this picture is the official release of the Toyota or just creative artists.

Still need further scrutiny the existence of an environmentally friendly family car that, considering the Prius is now famous as the world's best-selling hybrid car.

In terms of design, form MPV Prius is not much different than the previous 3 Gen Prius. Yet this hybrid MPV comes with a higher roof line.

Although the car certainly would appear premiere at the upcoming 2011 Detroit Auto Show, but there is no information about what names would be used Toyota for the Prius.

Prius is a hybrid car that is very popular throughout the world with sales of more than 2 million units by the end of last month.

The first generation was introduced in Japan in 1997 and entered the market in other countries beginning in 2000. Now the Prius which has reached the third generation is marketed in 70 countries worldwide. Therefore Toyota also plans to bring plug-in Prius and Prius MPV.

MPV Prius is expected to apply the mechanism of three-row seat that can accommodate up to 7 persons in the cabin. The car is also expected to attend higher as the storage medium for the extra battery power source.