Get ready to Sell Applications in Chrome Web Store

Google's ambitions to dominate the Internet browser market continues to be done by adding value added Chrome. In a press conference on Wednesday (07/12/2010) in San Francisco, USA, Google announced the latest version of your browser and online store designed specifically for applications that run on top of the browser.

"This year, the number of Chrome users tripled from 40 to 120 million people. Speed is a loved many people in Chrome, and we are always working for the faster browser," Google wrote in its official blog.

The latest version of Chrome uses the V8 JavaScript engine that is claimed to boost access speeds than double the previous version. Google also sank into the Instant Search feature in Chrome Omnibox so users can now view the search results directly below the toolbox when the user is typing something.

With speed Internet access via broser the faster, Google also encourages various kinds of applications can be run in a browser. Google also precede another browser by providing an online store that collects applications, ekstenis, themes, and additional programs to be run online via a browser. This shop also offered an opportunity for third party developers to supplement their income by selling his application.

"Today, the Chrome Web Store is open for business. The developers have started to upload his application and we hope the number continues to increase from time to time," Google said in a statement. Currently, the store is a new application available to users in the U.S., but Google will continue to spread to other countries and using transactions with various exchange rate starting next year.

This online store also launched simultaneously with the announcement of pre Chrome beta OS. Google developed the web-based operating system that will begin to be immersed in various brands of notebooks and PCs next year. Chrome the OS is designed to provide new experiences for users to access applications directly from the web and get updates automatically without using the applications installed on the computer.