Honda Car Prices Going Up

If you have no intention of buying the Honda Jazz, Freed, CR-V or model sedannya,quick to do now. Because the PT the Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) get ready for raising prices in February 2011 because (one) triggered import tax burden behind the name(BBN), a new one, although not yet clear how large the increase.

Jonfis Fandy, director of Marketing and Sales Service HPM explained, until now it stilldo the calculation. "There are several factors that cause price increases, ranging fromrising raw materials, cost of production until the exchange rate. This is what we stillcount, even if a new ride for biofuels," he said on the sidelines of a Press ConferenceJonfis Honda Jazz Stars 3 in Jakarta Theater today (01/17/2011).

He made sure, there is no decision from the factory prices (off the road) in February 2011 although the trend of raw materials terkerek. For example, the price of steel,plastic and rubber began to rise due to begin recovery of the industry makes the demand increases.

"It could be price rises off the road, may not. Berapanya we announce later,"explainedJonfis.

Until now, the new Toyota, Daihatsu and Volkswagen are already raising the selling price of units in Indonesia because of BBN. Well, the Honda raise prices step off the road, would invite many questions later, we look forward to it!