Bing Evidence Tracing Google

Amit Singhal from Google wrote the evidence that Bing, engine search engine to Microsoft, Google search data copying blindly. The second evidence is the result ofexperiments conducted its engineers after the suspect with the ability Bing over the years.

The first evidence that Google is copying Bing in the search word "tarsorrhaphy", eyelidsurgery procedures are extremely rare. In mid-2010, Google's search results a uniquelook that produces a search by keyword. Users then enter a keyword search with onethat is "torsoraphy", but the Google engine would recommend following the correct termsearch results.

"At that time, Bing did not provide search results with the wrong term. Then, in late summer, Bing began our search results to visitors without the express terms thatcorrectly. This is very strange,"wrote Singhal.