Losing 1-3, Indonesia Bad

Indonesia U-23 national team are on the fence after the 1-3 defeat of Turkmenistan inthe first leg of pre-Jakabaring 2012 Olympic Stadium, Palembang, on Wednesday(23/2/11). The reason, quite a landslide defeat these forces create opportunities for"Garuda" little bit young to escape, because they have to win big in the second leg inTurkmenistan, 9 March.

Indonesia had been in euphoria when Titos Bonai break the opponent's goal in the 14th minute. But within two minutes, Turkmenistan could respondthrough the captain'sfree-kickAmanov Arslanmyrat ,before Boliyan Aleksandr and goalkeeper Kurnia MeigaVahyt break at minute 80 and 85 ,which make Turkmenistan a much lighter step thanIndonesia in the face of pre -Olympicmatch this .

Since the kick-off whistle sounded, U-23 national team to play offensive immediately.Cooperation built Okto Maniani Yong-Titus and Aribowo, forcing the back rowTurkmenistan to work extra hard to secure its defense.

Opportunity is created when the shot was immediately released Okto speculation fromthe left wing. Tepisan are not perfect from the goalkeeper Geldiyev Batyr make the ball hit the goalpost. Dear, Titus, who had rebounded the skin round failed to produce a goal, because of his kick into the goal mouth can be driven defender Turkmenistan.