VW Prepare China Local Brands

After General Motors, Nissan and Honda manufacture vehicles for the Chinese marketwith new brands, is now following the Volkswagen (VW) in collaboration with partnerlocal companies. "We see local brands as an opportunity to add new marketsegments," said Karl-Thomas Neumann, CEO of Volkswagen Group China, as reported by autonews, today.

Currently, VW has been working with two automotive companies in the country's bamboo curtain, the SAIC Motor Corp. and China FAW Group Corp.. But, for a newproject, VW has not announced its partners.

Vehicles priced under 8000 euros, or Rp97, 5 million per unit and target markets in thearea of Henan and Sinchuan that vehicle ownership is still low. While the populationcontinues to increase living standards.

Meanwhile, total car sales in China over the past year increased 32 percent to 18.06million units. These figures confirmed the country's bamboo curtain as the country withthe largest car market in the world two years in a row.