Wilshere: Arsenal Must Pass the 8th Great

Arsenal midfielder, Jack Wilshere, said his best moment as an Arsenal player waswhen his team a 2-1 win over Barcelona in the leg 16 of the Champions League at the Emirates on Wednesday (02/16/2011). He also said that Arsenal will try to win thesecond leg and qualify for the last eight.

The victory was deserved special assessed by Wilshere. The reason, it was Arsenal's first victory in the last four meetings and won after the first left.

"This is my best moments as an Arsenal player so far. We still have the second leg andwe had to go down there and qualified for the quarterfinals.

"In the first half, they controlled the ball during the first 20 minutes and we could not get the ball off them. We knew they would play like that. We just have to survive well andwhen given the opportunity, retaliated and attacked them. We did it," he said.

Arsenal left it first from David Villa scored in the 28th minute. Arsenal turn things aroundthanks to goals from Robin van Persie in the 78th minute and Andrei Arshavin in the 83rd minute.