AutoScroll At Delphi Palette

You are already familiar with Delphi certainly not foreign to the components placed on the palette. Delphi 5 on the 19 there are about palette. With the number of the palette of course, you will often direpotkan with the scroll that is located on the top right to move from one palette to another palette. 

But fortunately Borland provides a feature that is not documented that we can make it easier to move between the palette. How is the little brain in the registry especial. The complete steps are as follows: 

From the Start menu, select Run. 
Type regedit, click OK. 
Move to the key: 
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Borland \ 5.0 \ 
From here make a new subkey. I right click on the key 5.0. From the menu that appears select New - Key. Name the sub key with the new Extras. 
Move to the subkey you just created (subkey Extras). 
Create a String Value. I right click, select New - String Value. AutoPaletteScroll with its name. Rate AutoPaletteScroll on with 1. 
Create a String Value with the name AutoPaletteSelect and give value to 1. 
If you have the right to change the registry to switch between palette simply put your mouse cursor over the title in the palette (without having to click on the title).