Saving Username and Password The Password Vault S10

S10 Password Vault is a password manager that you can use to store information with a username and password secure. By using this free software you no longer need to remember all the username and password for many accounts that you have, for example, yahoo email account, gmail, facebook, friendster, blogs, and so forth. 

Views of this freeware is quite simple, at least if compared with the Password Container. 
Before using this S10 Password Vault you must first create a master password first.

By default the account password on S10 Vault consists of several categories, namely Banking, Email, Shopping, Travel, Websites, and Work. To add a new category, you can do so by clicking on the right side menu and select New Folder

To create a new account, first select the category account. Then right-click menu and select New Account.

One of the features of the S10 is quite interesting Password Vault is Auto-type commands. With these features S10 Password Vault akan write username and password automatically to the site you're visiting. To activate the Auto-type commands you can press Ctrl + Alt + L.

If you are interested to try S10 Password Vault, you can download the