Remote Desktop XP

Step - step:

1. Select Start

2. Select Control Panel

3. Then click User Accounts => Click the user name (usually the name or the computer administrator)

4. Then select a buddy with Create Password => enter the password that comrade like, eg 1. An empty box should be all.

5. Then comrade to Control Panel more

6. Directly select the Windows Firewall

7. If the Firewall On (Recommended) change into Off (Not Recommended), so that others can meremote PC => OK

8. Buddy I'm not My Computer, when I mouse over there, then right-click on the mouse and select Properties. Dialog box will appear that contains the menu-the menu on My Computer.

9. Select a buddy with Remote => Click it

10. Comrade directly and check the Remote Assistance Remote Desktop => After you check all sobat => Press OK or Enter on the keyboard dude

11. After that comrade select Start => Programs => Accessories => Communications => Remote desktop Connections

12. After the window opens Remote => enter the IP akan comrade PC Remote

13. Then click Connect

After that meuncul akan Box box => enter the IP or computer name sobat => Password => OK

14. Done