Make a router with mikrotic

a) IP for the Public

IP Address: / 24
Subnet Mask:

b) to the Local IP

IP Address: / 28
Subnet Mask:

IP data from the above, we can create a Mikrotik router with the following steps:

1. Prepare the CD Mikortik 2.9.27

2. Prepare the PC denagn specifications above Pentium III with at least 10 GB hard disk and at least two (2) LAN card

3. Create a PC booting via CD-ROM

4. After booting with the CD of course Mikrotik press (a) to install all the components in the CD Mikrotik

5. Then press 1 to do the install

6. Press (y) => (continue) and wait for the installation process is complete samapi

7. If it already appears press enter to reboot (remove the installation CD) and press enter

8. Then log in with:
Login: admin

9. Type "identity system edit" => press Enter
Value - Name: name => Press Enter
Then remove any posts Mikrotik dang anti denagn admin => CTRL + O

10. Repeat again on the type of Value - name: password and Press Enter

Old password: ******* (fill in new password)
New Password: ******* (fill in with the new password)

*) But in this installan not use passwords so that password is empty