Tips Accelerating Internet connection with 3G/3.5G Handphone

The issue that many ISP Unlimited Internet subscriptions, both the Flash Telkomsel, Indosat IM2 or broom, make us easy access to the internet, but the weakness of Unlimited Internet access is very slow. With the capital 150 thousand only we can access the Internet using a broom unlimited IM2 but modemnya from our own. most of us replace the modem with Handphone.

Modem can handle weak signals better than the Handphone This is because the modem is made specifically to handle the signal 3G/3.5G network. Ponsel must share the network between the telephone communication (GSM) with the 3G/3.5G network. As a result, the connection becomes slow.
I use the example take Handphone Nokia E51 as a modem.

Now we are setting our Hp Nokia, which is open:
menu -> tools -> settings -> phone -> network -> network mode

there will be 3 options:

Dual Mode - forcing the phone to receive the signal with the GSM 3G (consequently the battery runs out quickly).
UMTS - the phone is focused on 3G/3.5G network receive signal
GSM - mobile phones focused on the GSM network receive signal
Well to speed connection, we recommend setting we used is UMTS, the UMTS mode, the phone modem that can be well in situations where we are on the location of the "weak signal".