This competitor Asus EeePC: HP 2133

When the Asus Eee PC was released, not many who think like this hebohnya akan. However, total sales reached the Eee PC 350 thousand just in time is 3 months showed the potential market low-cost PC. No wonder if many of the manufacturer tergiur to enter the market, including Hewlett Packard (HP). 

HP also launched a low cost notebook called the full HP 2133 Mini-Note PC. This device has a 8.9 inch screen size, or the same as Asus Eee PC second-generation (Eee PC 900)-but with higher resolution, that is 1280x768 pixels. HP storage media 2133 can be a SSD or regular notebook hard drive (2.5 inches) are available in various sizes. Other facilities are 2 USB ports, SDHC slot, Express Card, and gigabit Ethernet. HP 2133 also provides a 92% sized keyboard full size, so that still provide comfort irrespective of type of the tiny. 

However, different from the Eee PC that uses Intel processors, HP processors prefer to use VIA C-7M. This election is rather disappointing considering the performance of the processor VIA C-7M is still under the class Intel Celeron processor though. But people say this election VIA processor is part of the long-term plans for HP to use the latest generation VIA processors called Isiah. Isiah is still in the stage of manufacturing, but dikabarkan have a reliable performance. Given the C7-M is compatible with Isiah, in the future HP 2133 can easily upgrade to the Isiah. 

HP 2133 is sold with its own range of prices vary, ranging from U.S. $ 500 to U.S. $ 750. Most units have a low specification processor VIA C7-M 1.0GHz, 512MB memory, 4GB SSD memory, operating system with Novell Suse Linux. Unfortunately we have not got confirmation when the product is present in the Indonesian market.