Kingston releases SSDNow Series M 80 and 160 GB

Kingston releases solid-state drive SSDNow M series with a capacity of 80GB and 160GB. Data storage based on non-use this disk SATA SSD Intel X-25M. 

Not only a large capacity, SSDNow M series devices also provide additional software necessary to clone the content of one hard-disk drive to the SSD and installation hardware. This will facilitate the migration of data from hard drives to solid state devices disc smoothly.

Equipment package includes: 

1. SSDNow series M 80GB or 160GB (SSD SATA Intel X-25M) 
2. Software Acronis True Image hard drive cloning and CD installation instructions 
3. USB 2.5 "is equipped with a USB cable (for Notebook PC) 
4. 2.5 "to 3.5" drive bay mounting brackets and screws (for desktop PC) 
5. SATA data and power cable extenders (for desktop PC) 

Features and Specifications Kingston SSDNow Series M Series: 
1. Speed: 250MB/sec. read, 70MB/sec. write 
2. Hold power: the machine does not have a move, make this SSD can be relied on despite heavy conditions 
3. Warranty: three year warranty supported by Kingston, free technical support 
4. Form factor: 2.5 " 
5. Interface: SATA 1.5Gb/sec. and 3.0Gb/sec. 
6. Capacity: 80GB or 160GB 
7. Storage temperature: -55 ° C to 95 ° C 
8. Operating temperature: 0 degrees C to 70 degrees C 
9. Dimensions: 69.85mm x 100mm x 9.5mm 
10. Weight: 86 grams (+ / - 2 grams) 
11. Vibration operating: 2.17 G (7-800Hz) 
12. Vibration non-operating: 3.13 G (10-500Hz) 
13. Power spec: active: 0.15 W typ; sleep 0.06 W typ 
14. A period of use: 1.2 million hours before the damage 
15. Operating shock: 1.000 G/0.5 msec operating and non-operating