Norton 360 Version 3.0

The Symantec Norton 360 Version 3.0 in early March 2009. As is known, as a security product for the home user segment, Symantec has a Norton Anti Virus and Norton Internet Security. 

Compared to two other security applications, Norton 360 is a computer security solution is more complete. Many features are not available on the Norton Internet Security, Norton Anti Virus especially shown in the Norton 360.

Identity Protection 
Although the Norton Internet Security features protecting the identity of users, but on Norton 360, with the protection diperlengkap to identify the security features of the site visited by users on the Internet. Thus, the user can make browsing more secure and online. Unfortunately, the phishing protection feature requires the browser Internet Explorer 6.0 and above and Firefox 2.0 and above. Other browsers such as Opera or Chrome, which is being increased leaf can not take advantage of the features this property Norton 360.

This feature is only available in Norton 360. Function on the backup application can protect important files from the threat of loss of users, for example due to virus attacks or error in the operating system. In addition, another function that is provided is the ability to restore a file or folder is damaged or deleted. 

PC Tuneup 
One of interest. In addition to overcoming and preventing a decrease in performance due to computer virus attacks, Norton 360 also has features to explore and overcome the problems that make the PC slowed. Optimization is done with the files on the hard disk and trash tidy registry. In addition to analyzing the system, the property features a PC Tuneup Norton 360 also gives users tips on how to keep your computer's performance remains smooth.

To use, Norton 360 requires a computer with a 300MHz processor speed, memory 256MB, and 300MB of free space on the hard disk. The operating system that can accommodate this program is all versions of Windows XP and all versions of Windows Vista. 

Such as the installation of Norton Anti Virus or Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 installation process also can be completed in a short time. Finish the installation, you are requested to make registration at Symantec. If registered, you will get media 2GB of online storage for free that you can zoom in if needed to pay the additional cost. But of course, if you want to use the "drive online" is you need high speed internet connection. 

Finish the installation, if the computer is connected to the internet, Norton 360 will preach that the PC is not well protected because the database has not been updated. Unfortunately, during the update, Symantec does not provide complete information about the update that needs to be done or are. For example, as the last version update is available, how much capacity the need to download, how many viruses, malicious programs maleware or detected on a new database that concerned. From the side view reports, methods of presentation of information is relatively similar to the other Norton product series.

- More light than even Norton Anti Virus 
- Protection and provide more complete backup features and tune-up 
- User can enjoy the facilities of online media store 2GB 

- Features new phishing browser supports a certain 
- Update feature does not provide complete information

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