AMD launching Five Istanbul 6-Core New

Five-processor 6-core Istanbul announced the new AMD. Three of them stray 2P server and two other models 4P/8P zero. CPU-CPU includes two new processors for the SE server environment that focus on the performance and three more processors HE energy efficient than standard versions of series 6-core 2400 and 8400. Later, AMD will offer the EE chip consumption charged only 45 watts. 

For 2P servers, offering AMD 2439 SE (2.8 GHz, 105 watts), 2425 HE (2.1 GHz, 55 watt) and 2423 HE (2.0 GHz, 55 watts). While for the server 4P/8P ditawarkan 8439 SE (2.8 GHz, 105 watts) and the 8425 HE (2.1 GHz, 55 watts). Chip-chip is offered at a price premium on top of the processor 6-core 75 watt standard introduced early June then. 

The new model 8439 SE dibandrol at U.S. $ 2649, while 8425 was U.S. $ HE 1514. Model 2439 SE is sold U.S. $ 1019 and 2425 HE at U.S. $ 523 (2423 HE: U.S. $ 455). 

About the performance, AMD claims its SE processors with Nehalem Intel chip, and, at least in the 24-core configuration, 4-way, green is now the team is superior compared to Intel. This if we menilk integer official results recorded for the Spec CPU2006 benchmark. Configuration 2-way 2439 SE and 8439 SE looks right in the middle of the performance of Nehalem processors, between the Xeon E5504 and E5520. Interestingly, the chip-chip Intel is cheaper - U.S. $ 224 in the low end and U.S. $ 373 on the high end. 

AMD seems to be aware that they can not rival the performance of the property of Intel Nehalem. Indeed, Istanbul chip-chip consume less power than the property saingannya: 75 watts for the standard configuration, 105 watts in the product's high, and 55 watts in low power version. Unfortunately, both measurements is not the same. Intel issued a power consumption in prosesornya maximum thermal power rating, while AMD in power consumption rating average. 

AMD is also straightforward to compare 6-core processors to its product with Intel. Yet HE mentioned that the processor presents its performance per watt 18% more CPU than the default. SE-6 processor cores about 50% faster than the processor SE quad-core.