Bluetooth Headset is Ultra-thin for the World's

Bluetooth headset is ultra-thin for the world's first notebook, so claims about Newton Peripherals MoGo product called Talk this. This headset can be stored and in-charge in the ExpressCard card slot in a notebook. Thus, the headset is always ready to be used bertelepon via Skype, VoIP, or mobile phone. 

"We examine all Bluetooth headset on the market, from the producers on board until the Jawbone and the Plantronics, and found that by the consumer must always fill the power Bluetooth headset and keep it, no matter how good the quality of any audio and noise suppression," said Stuart Nixdorff (CEO, Newton Peripherals). "All Bluetooth headset on the market at this time is not convenient in use. No one would like to make a call when the headset is in fact dead and not have people who want to bring one pocket-carry cable, charger for the headset is a great assist. What's the point if the headset is charged and does not have? " 

MoGo Talk Design is different from most Bluetooth headset. Instead of a combination of earbud / earloop, Mogo Talk eartip use a thin rubber that is flexible to adjust to the form of ear, as well as to block the outside sound (noise). 
The headset is designed with the manufacturer of the computer OEM. 

Besides MoGo Talk, Newton Peripherals ultratipis offer a variety of other peripherals, such MoGo Mouse. MoGo Mouse is a Bluetooth mouse that also thin 5mm be charged and stored in the laptop. 

Talk MoGo weight of 9 grams with dimensions of 2.4 x5x0, 5 cm this could have been purchased in The price is U.S. $ 99.99.