Little Giant 15 Foot Ladder System Little Giant 15 Foot Ladder System became an increasingly hot search trend this morning, after recent press coverage caused the home improvement innovation to become a worldwide infatuation (specifically amongst Google users). The Little Giant retails for around $130.00, so when a product this expensive begins to spark mass interest amongst hungry consumers, there is a lot for a company like Little Giant to get excited about; especially so when the need for any Little Giant construction or home improvement products has been low given the slow construction/home improvement market, after all, more people  have been selling their houses than improving them.

The Little  Giant has one big SEO problem – they don’t rank very well for the third highest search keyword today: their own product name!

The Little  Giant Has the following rankings for “little giant 15 foot ladder system”

Altavista: 15

Google: NONE

Lycos: 13 9


Yahoo: 15

Bing: 9

Sure, the Little  Giant will surely profit from the massive amount of affiliate sales they will get from websites who are able to capture this massive traffic surge of consumers looking to find more info about or purchase a Little  Giant Ladder System – the harsh truth is that not only does Little  Giant make less money because they have to pay off their affiliates – they are missing out on a huge branding opportunity. Many people who search for the Little  Giant Ladder Stystem today will never find out that Little  Giant has a website, providing zero chance of future sales or up sells (sales at the point of purchase).