Facebook for iPhone 3.0 hits App Store

Version 3.0 of the iPhone and iPod touch Facebook app has finally gone live on the Apple App Store. It's a free update. Features supported in the new version include landscape mode, Events, Pages, birthdays, Notes, photo albums, photo zooming, photo tagging, uploading videos from the iPhone 3GS, changing your profile pic, "Like," a built-in web browser, browsing friends of friends and mutual friends, adding new friends, a news feed more like the web one, calling and texting friends from within the app, and friend and page shortcuts. It's an enormous update.

Facebook also announced plans to overhaul its privacy controls and policy. The improvements are meant to reduce the chance that third-party apps will scam you with phishingschemes or deliver malware to your computer.

Global Gaming Factory X is supposed to finally buy The Pirate Bay tomorrow, but investors have begun fleeing the scene because of all the controversy surrounding the site, raising doubts about whether or not GGF will be able to go through with the acquisition. Nevertheless, shareholders unanimously agreed to stay the course, and GGF CEO Hans Pandeya says everything will proceed as planned. We'll see.