Update Yelp iPhone Application


Figures 1, 2, & 3: Augmented reality comes to Yelp via Yelp Monocle

Scoble first posted about this little hidden feature on FriendFeed a little while ago. Download Yelp for iPhone (free; direct iTunes link) or if you already have the app, simply make sure you have updated it to the newest version, which was released yesterday. Then launch the app and shake your iPhone 3GS three times (note: this only works on the iPhone 3GS). After it is activated you will get a little notification of activation as in Figure 1 above prompting you to look for the Monocle button in the upper right corner. Once you click on the button another notice comes up as in Figure 2 above, telling you how to reset your compass should it be in need of re-calibration. In Figure 3, you can see all the nearby locations that popped up on my iPhone 3GS when I turned towards them in my apartment. Pretty cool bit of augmented reality goodness. Thanks, Yelp!Update Yelp iPhone Applikasi