Vidyartha College FaceBook Virus

Vidyartha College FaceBook Virus May Be Harmful

It seems like the FaceBook viruses keep on coming. It’s the largest social networking website in the world therefore it’s normal that such things happen, but how many malware are going to spread? The Vidyartha College FaceBook virus already affected thousands of users whom’s school name was changed into Vidyartha College. The first signs of the virus were spotted yesterday, while today the problem is more serious, and I’d like to say that the Vidyartha College virus could have been in the FaceBook system for longer than yesterday.

At the moment FaceBook “officials” haven’t said a word about the virus or if it’s indeed a virus or if we’re talking about nothing more than a bug. A very annoying bug that everybody hopes it will go away soon. Reports say that this has happened in the past, but now the virus is not appearing on all FaceBook accounts, it spreads between friends therefore you should be careful on what you click, and on what applications you allow. Also it is unknown if it can harm your computer, steal data from your computer and more.

Stay tuned, as soon as we learn more, we will let you know of it.