Free Printable Pumpkin Carving Patterns some carving ideas for your next pumpkin? Then click on some of the links below. Choose a pattern, print it out and take it with you on your pumpkin hunt. It’s much easier to find a pumpkin to fit your pattern, than to later try to fit your pattern to your pumpkin.

You’re going to be creating a work of art and you want it to be displayed at it’s best. Look for a pumpkin with a flat bottom, a strong, sturdy stem and bright orange color.

When you pick up your pumpkin give it a little shake. If you can hear or feel anything sloshing around inside, put it back. A pumpkin should feel solid and be silent when shaken.

All pumpkins will have some imperfections, which you can always work into your design. The skin of a pumpkin protects it from bacteria. If the skin has lots of nicks, dents and deep cuts bacteria can get in and often the pumpkin won’t last as long.

Once you get your pumpkin home wash it with a damp cloth and wipe it dry. A carved pumpkin typically lasts, between 2 - 7 days depending on weather conditions. So choose your carving date accordingly.
I’m not a big fan of the Better Homes & Garden site because they have pop ups and often require registration before you can use some of their offerings, but they do offer a nice selection of patterns. The site offers 
38 Printable StencilsThe Pumpkin Stencil MakerCreative Carving Ideas and More Stencils to Carve.
A Variety of traditional pumpkin faces and standard Halloween themes.
Large selections of carving patterns geared specifically toward children. In addition to the typical patterns of bats, spiders, witches and ghosts, this site also offers patterns for Thomas the Tank, Blues Clues, Sponge Bob and Scooby-Doo.
Here are a variety of templates, both scary and cute. If you want to skip the scary and personalize your pumpkin with a simple monogram, this site offers letter templates.
This site offers a nice variety of pumpkin patterns. The “Goodnight Moon” pumpkin pattern is a lovely pattern of the stars and moon with a face, but definitely not for the beginning carver. The “Oh, No!” pumpkin is great if you’re tired of a traditional pumpkin face, but don’t have the time or talent to carve an elaborate design.
Twenty-three great templates are offered for beginner, intermediate and advance carvers.
Say “Boo” or carve up a flying witch, a cat, a bat or some pumpkin faces complements of HGTV.
Use your pumpkin to shine a light on history with one of these great carving patterns of George Washington, Ben Franklin or Lady Liberty. A selection of traditional jack-o-lantern patterns are also included, along with some Thanksgiving themed patterns. Pumpkin Patterns
Here are some great easy to carve Halloween themed patterns. HP also offers a selection of nature themed patterns from the 
World Wildlife Fund. Pumpkin Place
Kraft offers six basic, easy to carve pumpkin face templates, along with some great recipes.
Carve out you child’s favorite Nickolodeon character with these patterns for Dora, Moose, Uniqua, Blue, Broobee, Diego, Foofa, Pablo, Swiper and Wubbzy.
Here are eight patriotic carving patterns: American Flag, Liberty Bell, Lincoln Memorial, Statue of Liberty, American Eagle, George Washington, Mt. Rushmore, and The Patriot. This site also offers a nice selection of 
celebrity and animal pumpkin patterns.

4 Great carving patterns: Flack Jack, Icabod’s Fate, Good Bite Moon and Grim Creeper.

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