Dumb and Dumber – dumb and dumber Soundtrack News

Dumb and Dumber – dumb and dumber Soundtrack News

Twas the night before Saturday
And all through Mark’s house
Not an oil rig was stirring
Nor an elephant or desert mouse.

Any Manc on the blue side would think nothing was about to change between the
19th of December and the new year.

Even in the new year, the blues (a.k.a. Blue Manc Group) would only be thinking of bringing in more exotic players from anywhere and everywhere rather than chucking Mark Hughes out of the…well you know the rest.

All went well for the Blueboys in their match at the Middle-Eastlands against Sunderland. They scraped a nail-biting 4-3 win. Their only other win was a 4-2 home win over a lacklustre Arsenal side with a newfound hatred for Adebayor.

All other matches have either been drawn or lost (one of those losses being against Spurs). With that, Hughes had managed his final City game on the 19th of December but won it. Roberto Mancini had been appointed as the new manager of the Blues, leaving Hughes to spend time with another kind of Blues —> :’(

It had been rumoured that the new Manchester City manager had been approached by Liverpool as part of the process of sacking Rafa Benitez, but Mancini responded by saying that no Liverpool representative had ever tapped him up. He was destined to take Sparky’s place.