Honey Bake Ham, Honey Baked Ham Heating Instructions

Honey Bake Ham, Honey Baked Ham Heating Instructions. Three generations and over 400 stores later, the Hoenselaar family still prepares The HoneyBaked Ham the same way that Harry did… one ham at a time.The children and grandchildren of the Hoenselaar family are committed to carrying on the wonderful tradition and legacy of Harry J. Hoenselaar.

On Saturday I drove from Scripps Ranch to Escondido so my son could have a honeybaked ham for his birthday yesterday. I warmed it up covered in foil for 10 minutes a lb at 275 degrees exactly according to directions, and was very disappointed. There was a ton of fat on it and lots of sinew. I have had many good hams from COstco and VOns that put this one to shame. This one must have slipped through their quality assurance screening. It was dry as well. They need to pay more attention or their reputation will slip. Disapointed in Scripps Ranch.