How To Heat A Honey Baked Ham - Honey Baked Ham

How To Heat A Honey Baked Ham - Honey Baked Ham. The HoneyBaked Ham the same way that Harry did… one ham at a time. The children and grandchildren of the Hoenselaar family are committed to carrying on the wonderful tradition and legacy of Harry J. Hoenselaar.. Yet ham is from whence it came. In 1957, Harry J. Hoenselaar, Kurz’s grandfather, took a $500 loan on his Detroit home, where he figured out in his basement a special way to cook, slice and glaze ham.

That leaves HoneyBaked little choice but to use coupons and discounting like never before. HoneyBaked’s traditional Christmastime marketing portrait of itself has been Norman Rockwell-like in its imagery. No longer. Now the holiday message is value, value and value.

“In the past, all we needed to do was to remind people that we were here,” says Ken Caldwell, who oversees the company’s growing franchising division. “Now, we’re stressing value.”

To try to keep folks from trading down, it’s pushing $10-off coupons with unprecedented vigor on its website and in print ads. Before the holidays, it blasted hundreds of thousands of e-mail coupons.