Stores Open On Christmas Day 2009,Stores Open On Christmas Day

Stores Open On Christmas Day 2009,Stores Open On Christmas Day:What Time Does Walmart Close on Christmas Eve? Is And finally, What are Walmart Store Hours? Last minute Christmas shopping? Everyone wants to know what time Walmart closes on the holidays, and if Walmart is open or closed on Christmas Day or New Years.
Most people are getting interested with the Stores open on Christmas Day 2009? These stores must be in the list of last minute shoppers. You need to read the news about this. I have heard WalMart is open this Christmas day!

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Convenience Stores - Some CVS/Walgreens are open on Christmas for limited hours, check your local store's website for details. Here you can buy batteries, cards, candy, and small electronics.

Grocery Stores - These also vary by location. Here you will find batteries, foods, candy, perhaps a small selection of electronics, flowers, baked goods, etc.. (you've been there before, you know the selection.)

Gas Stations - I sincerely hope you do not plan on buying a gift at a gas station, BUT, with the pain at the pump Americans are experiencing, some gas stations will sell gift cards. Easy way out but it will certainly make a gift that will be used.

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