Vic Chesnutt - Vic Chesnutt Confirmed Dead From Apparent Suicide

Vic Chesnutt Confirmed Dead From Apparent Suicide. Earlier today, Spinner sadly reported that well-loved and respected singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt was in a coma, following what was largely believed to be a suicide attempt. Sources now confirm that Chesnutt has passed away at the age of 45. San Francisco’s Examiner, reports that Chesnutt was proclaimed dead just hours after slipping into a coma.
What's the real score about the Vic Chesnutt dead issue? What's the real reason of his death? People are getting interested with the reason of his death. He died at an early age of 45.

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Vic Chesnutt, a singer-songwriter from Athens, Ga. known for his painful and poignant songs, is in a coma after an apparent suicide attempt.

The news about the singer's condition first spread through the Internet on Wednesday through Twitter posts by former Throwing Muses singer Kristin Hersh, who has collaborated with Chesnutt.

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