Bob Schimmel, robert schimmel, Robert Schimmel’s Wife Melissa!

robert schimmel, nj weather forecast, cindy margolis, conaco, jay leno oprah winfrey Comedian Robert Schimmel divorced from wife Melissa in 2009. Robert Schimmel and wife Melissa Schimmel made headline news in May 2, 2009. By May 8 , 2009, Melissa filed for divorce.

Today, Robert joins the Howard Stern Show. He authored the book “Cancer on $5 a Day”. Reaction on Twitter is all excitement this morning with tweets like:

“Robert Schimmel is my hero, he has survived cancer,… his wife .. and he still is making jokes!!!!”

Robert twitters about his appearance the following this morning:
“leaving in 10 to do Howard Stern. letting it all hang out!”

On Wednesday’s Howard show, Robin and Howard discussed life after death. Robin said : “There’s something that animates this physical thing…something eternal. Not your consciousness. It’s the ‘lifeforce’ that doesn’t go away.”

Howard’s response? “When I die, I will come back as a ghost and haunt Roosevelt – my old hometown – and I will be the only scared ghost.”

Catch him on Howard Stern Thursday.