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Everyone is currently asking as to Where is Chuck Norris? Well. Chuck Norris passed away on Friday. He was 55. He died due to a stroke. The funeral was held on Wed. at the Mans-field High School. He was a resource officer there. He as well as coached the fresher football team. Family, acquaintances, law enforcement officials as well as local high-ups accumulated to celebrate the life of Officer Chuck Norris. A bagpipe musician indicated the beginning of the ceremonial occasion. Norris’ elder daughter, Camille Myers, spoke first. She recollected how apparently everyone recognized him.

Chuck Norris’ co-workers at the police force sat down in chairs on the gymnasium floor with black bands over their badges.

Brian Garverick tells Norris was a beloved ally to the school community as well as football game establishment, having trained a lot of the players. So now, have you people got the answer as to Where is Chuck Norris?

He says the no. of people Norris affected is infinite. One after another, police officers went up the coffin and saluted Norris. Chuck Norris was appareled in his police force uniform. Outdoor in the almost soundless commons, pupils sat at the tables, a lot with their heads bowed down.

Companion police officers aligned outside the senior high school while his coffin was laid in a hearse. The procession directed down Linden Road to Park Avenue West to give Chuck Norris one concluding trip of the city.

Masi remarked how several of the players looked up to him and considered him as a father figure.

Chuck Norris will be recalled for a lot of things, particularly for his love of doing work with children of that area. He had a wife Sue, two daughters and two sons.

It’s all across the internet and the people across the globe want to know as to Where is Chuck Norris and what happened to him? Well, he passed away.