Ferarra Out, Zaccheroni in News Football

Ferarra Out, Zaccheroni in News Football. Through his official website, official says Juventus coach fired and lifted Ferrara Alberto Zaccheroni as a replacement. Zaccheroni's just that the position would serve until the end of this season.

"Ferrara has been released from his position and Zaccheroni has been appointed for a term until June 2010," said the Juventus in official website.

Strong signal of change came after coach Juventus 1-2 defeat of Inter Milan, the Italian Cup semi-finals on Thursday (28/1/2010). Juventus president, Jean Claude Blanc, said that the club management will make a decision soon about the coach crucial.

After reviewing the record of Ferrara, who just recorded a 15 victories, five draws the result, and eleven times less, since the Juventus coach, about the end of last season, management decided to fire him and will seek a more experienced coach and reputable.

Juventus and Liverpool coach services aiming to replace Ferrara. However, Benitez had no intention of leaving Liverpool, but was fired. Therefore, before taking a decision leave, Benitez wants to first ensure that his fate at Anfield.

The situation was made Juventus coach thinks seek temporary, while trying to convince Benitez to join. Besides Zaccheroni, Claudio Gentile was also included in the list of candidates while the coach. However, according to Tuttosport, Blanc from the beginning to Zaccheroni heavier than Gentile.

In a closed meeting between Zaccheroni, Blanc, a number of other Juventus directors, namely Roberto Bettega and Alessio Secco, and some lawyers club, has been discussed and agreed on the rest of the Juventus goal this season and made the signing of the contract.

Some Italian media rate, for the program until the end of the season, Zaccheroni is not a bad choice for Juventus. He has led AC Milan won the scudetto in 1999 ago and had twice received Coach of the Year award.